First week complete! Little pigs, a big bad wolf, handwriting, sorting, class charter, and Twits…

Good evening everyone!

Well done to all the class for completing week 1 of their year 1 journey :). I know that for a lot of children, acclimatising to the much longer and different class timetable at the start can be tiring and difficult, so I appreciate how much effort all the children have displayed this week in working hard to be good listeners, hard workers, and kind friends.

I had planned to include pictures of the children enjoying some of the activities they enjoyed this week, but I’ve only just realised that nobody will know the password to access a blog post with children’s pictures on them. Silly Mr Markham!(as the kids say). I will include a letter with the password in the children’s book bags on Monday. Please remember that book bags come in every day!

What I can show you is some of the great progress I am seeing already in the children’s letter formation. Here are some examples, hopefully you can see how the letters become more discernable and properly formed even after only one week! So promising đŸ™‚

Near the start of the week, the class and I agreed on the rules and principles that we would all follow as part of our new class culture. Once we agreed these foundations for how we would behave in class, the children created their own signature in the form of a balloon that they decorated. Check out the final display!

Shout out the wonderful Mrs Agunsoye for her work putting it together.

The class have also been enjoying listening to a special reading of ‘The Twits’ from yours truly. I love this book and it is perfect for breaking the ice with a new class because it’s such a funny book and it always has the kids cracking up!

I hope you enjoyed this little look into our classroom this week. More to come next week when I can include more pictures of the class at work. Have a fun and safe weekend everyone!


Mr Twit — PaperHawk

Mr Markham

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