Ben Smith – Good Luck Poster

Do you fancy designing and making an A4 (portrait orientation) ‘Good Luck’ poster for Ben’s forthcoming 401 USA Challenge? The winning design(s) will be printed onto an A3 card (signed by all children and staff) and presented to Ben when he comes to visit us on Friday 8th April 2022. Deadline for entries is 09:00 on Monday 4th April. Good luck and thanks for your continued support!

401 USA Challenge Update

A really productive week in our @the401challenge 🇺🇸 this week! Nearly at the 50K miles mark since September! No changes in the standings, but still only just over 50 miles separating Years 5 and 2! Thank you for the passports last week. 🛂 #WJISPESSPA @401foundation

Happy Friday! – maintaining our hard work into the afternoon, cardboard city (EXCITING), and aliens on the playground!

Good evening Year 1 and a very happy Friday to everyone!

I feel like it’s been a long week, but that might also be because it’s been assessment week and those tend to go slow. The children have been excellent this week in completing their assessments in (near) test conditions, and the results are really positive!

I wanted to feedback on a change I’ve noticed in the children in terms of their ability to work for longer in the afternoon. It’s been brilliant to see the class become more able to continue working hard in the afternoon and access the foundation subjects with greater motivation and energy. Growing in stamina is an important part of progression in Y1 and it’s great to see that we are on track!


Cardboard City

I am planning for the final week of term to do one of my favourite year 1 activities – CARDBOARD CITY! We will be building a city our cardboard as a class using cardboard boxes, paper screws, and screwdrivers. The children have already began to design their buildings and it’s looking great. What I need from you guys please, is cardboard boxes! So any spare cardboard boxes you have in your recycling, please send them into school. Cereal boxes work just as well or anything made of cardboard really. Thank you in advance for your help, it’s going to be a great day!


Also planned for the last week of term (busy, busy, busy), is a short play about healthy choices, which is our PSHE topic this year. The premise of the class performance is that an alien has landed on our playground and is desperate to learn from Y1 all about how to be a human. The alien is drawn to unhealthy choices and our class is going to show them the correct healthy choices to make. It’s an ambitious project but it’s also a fun way for the class to demonstrate their learning around healthy choices- I’m really looking forward to it.


Mr Markham

History – the Cadbury story

Good evening Year1!

It was so exciting to have all 30 children in class today, I’m setting our class the target of keeping 100 percent attendance all week (touch wood). It’s such a happy and bustling classroom when we are altogether 🙂

In History, we created a story board of images and text together that will help us revise and remember the key facts from the story of the Cadbury family and the order in which it all happened. Check out what we came up with!

Handwriting isn’t perfect, hard when you’re trying to keep the lesson engaging at the same time

The class have been using this board as a way of revising and recounting what happened all those years ago. It would be really beneficial if you might look at this with your child and ask them to tell you the story of what happened. We got our research from this amazing resource:

Looking forward to a really great week. It’s assessment week this week and the children completed their Maths test – very positive results so well done!


Mr Markham

Wear A Hat Day- Friday 25th March 2022

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We are raising awareness and money for Brain Tumour Research on Friday 25th March 2022. The children are invited to wear a Hat for a voluntary donation. Badges will be available for sale for £2.
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There will be a cake sale after school- cake donations will be much appreciated. Just 1% of the national spend on Cancer Research has been allocated to Brain Tumour Research. Thanks for your support.

Our Science day – slime postponed!

Good evening parents!

I thought I would use this opportunity to talk about all the Science 1JM got up to today and all the fun we had.

After RWI and a short introductory assembly from Mrs Pickering, we began with a live lesson on minibeasts. This was great because it was building on all the learning the children had completed on the same topic at the beginning of the year. The live lesson explored the habitats of different insects on a farm and their role in the ecosystem. The children particularly enjoyed learning about dung beetles and how they live in poo!

Thank you to all parents who sent in baby photos, we had a lot of fun sharing them and guessing who’s photos belong to who. Some were very easy! Some were a little trickier. I will be doing some more of the baby photos again tomorrow because I think I missed off a few from parents who sent their child’s photo in!

Afterwards, we looked at stereotypes in Science. Luckily, the class are already very educated on the diversity of Science and the different people who can be scientists. We spent a long while discussing and sharing the ways in which different jobs that people have use Science everyday. Then, the children drew their own picture of a scientist and how they use Science in their job. Check out their work below!

Unfortunately, we were not able to complete the slime activity today. We had all the ingredients but, when Mrs Agunsoye had a go before we set the children off, it wasn’t working! I think it’s because the school glue isn’t effective enough so I am going to go out tonight and buy some more expensive stuff so hopefully that works.

Well done Year 1 for a lovely day!

I’m still a messy guy

Mr Markham

Red word challenge, Marvellous Maths, Science tomorrow!

Good evening parents!

It’s so nice to finish the school day and still be working with the sun shining rather than watching the day darken at my desk at the end of the day. I wanted to begin my thanking everyone for sending their child’s baby photos (such cute babies!), I’m really looking forward to sharing them in class tomorrow – including a special appearance from yours truly (I was a fat baby).


This week is British Science Week and the crux of this week will be carried out tomorrow. We will be creating slime together, alongside our planned Science lesson, and also smashing stereotypes around Science and what a scientist looks like. I will take loads of pics and do a blog post at the end of the day (pinkie promise).


I also wanted to congratulate the whole class of the high standard of Math work that is being achieved at the moment in Year 1. The class are really on a roll! The concepts and problem solving that the children are being introduced to and also solving with increasing independence are high challenge and the class have been up to the task! Excellent work everyone! I think a part of the success has been that the children know the routine so well: we begin with a quiz (4 questions based on stuff they’ve already learnt), then we chant something we are rote learning such as 2s, 5s, and 10s, then we will do use concrete resources to warm-up our problem solving skills or consolidate something needed for the lesson, then comes my input, then the children have a go at completing work based on the knowledge and skills I’ve shown them in the lesson (with breaks in between where they sit and listen to me go over something I’ve spotted them missing in their work).

A key part of this is the quiz because it is independent and it creates the links between new and previous learning which our brains thrive upon. A good idea might be to ask your child what their score was in the quiz each day and celebrate their achievements. I will praise a child who gets even 1 right (the first question is always very simple).

Check out some work from the kids’ books recently!


I have sent home in your child’s book bag a page of 30 ‘red’ words that they will be tested on come Friday. These are words to spell, not to read! There will be prizes for high scores or children who I can recognise have made a big improvement in spelling these tricky words.

When I teach children how to spell these words, I usually highlight the sounds we can hear in the word and the ones we have to remember. For example, in ‘you’: we can hear ‘y’, but the oo sound is replaced by the letters ou and this is something we just remember!

Have an awesome evening guys!


Mr Markham