World Book Day, Cadbury World trip, and our week so far…

Good evening parents!

I thought I would use this opportunity to give a parents brief on the school trip tomorrow: what to expect, what your child should bring, and the times.

What to expect

The class will be travelling to Cadbury World and arriving here around 9.40. Our slot is at 10.30 so we will have a small allotted time before our tour to perhaps go to the play area, or do some pre-learning on the site and some of the things that the children can see on the building itself. Once the tour begins, we will go through together all the different parts of the tour that is usually available. Once this is over, we will have our lunch time before we are taken into the learning site for a talk from one of the Cadbury educational staff. Once this is over, we will head back to school at 3.00. I am hoping to arrive at school for 3.15/3.20 but I will let the school know if there are any delays. The class must pass through the gates and be picked up from the usual spot they are handed over as usual so please don’t call your child over to you before they arrive back in school.

What your child should bring

Your child should arrive at school in their usual school uniform. This is essential because it reduces the chances of us losing them in a crowd and it makes it easier for us to complete our hundred head-counts we will be completing throughout the day. There may be time for children to visit the gift shop so you can give them spending money, though please no more than ten pounds. If we run out of time and are not able to visit the gift shop then my apologies, the gift shop is open to visitors even without visiting the tour so you can go anytime.


Please have your child arrive to school promptly for the usual time school starts. We will be leaving for Cadbury World at 9.15am sharp. The coach will pick us up from Cadbury World at 3.00, so we are aiming to arrive at school again for usual home time. It may be that we are a little later and I will be in contact with school to let them know as they emerge.

I’m really looking forward to an exciting trip and I’m sure the children are too!


World Book Day was a great success today and I was completely blown away by the costumes the class arrived in! This may the most stylish class I have ever taught, which is made more obvious when they are amongst the least stylish teacher they will ever have.

After a whole school assembly, the class enjoyed a story from y4 teacher Mr Cotterell. He told me after how impressed he was with how well the class listened and enjoyed the story which is great! Then, we all showed off our costumes and told the class why our character was special. It was great to see children who perhaps at the start of the year may have lacked the confidence to come up in front of class, take the plunge and make their voice heard 🙂

The children have taken home bookmarks that they have coloured in or designed. I would have liked to laminate them to make them more useful but we didn’t have the time. The class definitely enjoyed the activity however and it’s always good to give the class time to enjoy a creative activity. Unfortunately, I was called away to a book moderation in the afternoon so I didn’t see the rest of the day’s activities, but Mrs Agunsoye tells me that the class had a lovely day catching dreams, drawing them, and then writing a description of them on the back (just like from the BFG, which is my favourite book).

Well done Year 1 on a lovely World Book Day for all involved, sorry there’s not any pictures because I was out after lunch.


This first week we began two new topics. In Science, we are looking at humans (their senses, how they grow, and naming body parts); in History, we are studying the lives and achievements of the Cadbury family and their place as local heroes.

We began by asking two questions: do people with bigger feet also need bigger shoes? And, does Birmingham have any local heroes? The children joined in with discussions and used their investigative skills to find the answers to these questions.


I really enjoyed meeting most of you during parents evening! I’m really pleased with how well the class have come back into the swing of things at school and I’m optimistic that we are going to have a great term! See you tomorrow for the trip!


Mr Markham