Ukraine Day own clothes – how it went

Hi everyone!

The kids looked awesome today in their own clothes and it was great to see so many children in yellow and blue supporting Ukraine and the poor people who have been caught in the awful conflict there. Naturally, the motif of the day drew a lot of questions from the children about the war and what it means.

I made the decision to hopefully alleviate some of the possible misconceptions or worries the children have by explaining in simple terms what is happening. This is what I told the class:

  • There is a war between two countries called Ukraine and Russia and Russia is trying to take over the country.
  • Not all Russian people are bad and that a lot of Russian people are against the war just as nearly all countries in the world are.
  • England is a safe country and nobody in this class has anything to be worried or scared about.
  • It is not the responsibility or need for children to think about or worry about wars in other countries. They need to focus on enjoying themselves and having fun, focusing on their learning, and spending time with their friends and family.

Afterwards, I tried to divert conversation away from the topic when the children brought it up in the day. Some of the children did have a reaction to my short explanation but I redirected their thoughts to things they liked and they cheered up. It may be worth checking on your child regarding what they’ve heard from me today about the situation and their thoughts on the matter.


Mr Markham