Our Science day – slime postponed!

Good evening parents!

I thought I would use this opportunity to talk about all the Science 1JM got up to today and all the fun we had.

After RWI and a short introductory assembly from Mrs Pickering, we began with a live lesson on minibeasts. This was great because it was building on all the learning the children had completed on the same topic at the beginning of the year. The live lesson explored the habitats of different insects on a farm and their role in the ecosystem. The children particularly enjoyed learning about dung beetles and how they live in poo!

Thank you to all parents who sent in baby photos, we had a lot of fun sharing them and guessing who’s photos belong to who. Some were very easy! Some were a little trickier. I will be doing some more of the baby photos again tomorrow because I think I missed off a few from parents who sent their child’s photo in!

Afterwards, we looked at stereotypes in Science. Luckily, the class are already very educated on the diversity of Science and the different people who can be scientists. We spent a long while discussing and sharing the ways in which different jobs that people have use Science everyday. Then, the children drew their own picture of a scientist and how they use Science in their job. Check out their work below!

Unfortunately, we were not able to complete the slime activity today. We had all the ingredients but, when Mrs Agunsoye had a go before we set the children off, it wasn’t working! I think it’s because the school glue isn’t effective enough so I am going to go out tonight and buy some more expensive stuff so hopefully that works.

Well done Year 1 for a lovely day!

I’m still a messy guy

Mr Markham