History – the Cadbury story

Good evening Year1!

It was so exciting to have all 30 children in class today, I’m setting our class the target of keeping 100 percent attendance all week (touch wood). It’s such a happy and bustling classroom when we are altogether 🙂

In History, we created a story board of images and text together that will help us revise and remember the key facts from the story of the Cadbury family and the order in which it all happened. Check out what we came up with!

Handwriting isn’t perfect, hard when you’re trying to keep the lesson engaging at the same time

The class have been using this board as a way of revising and recounting what happened all those years ago. It would be really beneficial if you might look at this with your child and ask them to tell you the story of what happened. We got our research from this amazing resource:

Looking forward to a really great week. It’s assessment week this week and the children completed their Maths test – very positive results so well done!


Mr Markham