Happy Friday! – maintaining our hard work into the afternoon, cardboard city (EXCITING), and aliens on the playground!

Good evening Year 1 and a very happy Friday to everyone!

I feel like it’s been a long week, but that might also be because it’s been assessment week and those tend to go slow. The children have been excellent this week in completing their assessments in (near) test conditions, and the results are really positive!

I wanted to feedback on a change I’ve noticed in the children in terms of their ability to work for longer in the afternoon. It’s been brilliant to see the class become more able to continue working hard in the afternoon and access the foundation subjects with greater motivation and energy. Growing in stamina is an important part of progression in Y1 and it’s great to see that we are on track!


Cardboard City

I am planning for the final week of term to do one of my favourite year 1 activities – CARDBOARD CITY! We will be building a city our cardboard as a class using cardboard boxes, paper screws, and screwdrivers. The children have already began to design their buildings and it’s looking great. What I need from you guys please, is cardboard boxes! So any spare cardboard boxes you have in your recycling, please send them into school. Cereal boxes work just as well or anything made of cardboard really. Thank you in advance for your help, it’s going to be a great day!


Also planned for the last week of term (busy, busy, busy), is a short play about healthy choices, which is our PSHE topic this year. The premise of the class performance is that an alien has landed on our playground and is desperate to learn from Y1 all about how to be a human. The alien is drawn to unhealthy choices and our class is going to show them the correct healthy choices to make. It’s an ambitious project but it’s also a fun way for the class to demonstrate their learning around healthy choices- I’m really looking forward to it.


Mr Markham