Final 401 USA Challenge Results

The final USA @the401challenge🇺🇸 results are in! Congratulations to Year 5 for completing the distance across to California (on the final day of the school year!) An amazing achievement by everyone! Over 72K miles travelled! What an active bunch! @401foundation #WJISPESSPA 🥇

Thank you and goodbye!

Hi parents,

Wow what a year! I have greatly enjoyed getting to know all of your children this year and watching them progress so wonderfully throughout the year. It is important that we recognise the magnitude of the achievements made this year by this class, especially with Covid and the disruption to their learning last year. I am sure that this year will set them up to continue to make excellent progress next year in Y2. Ms Malcolm is a wonderful teacher and I know she is going to help this class flourish!

Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts! I am always touched by the generosity of parents and the gratitude that the children show.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun summer! Please keep reading alongside relaxing and write a sentence every now and then from a favourite book.


Mr Markham

Goodbye Mrs Smith!

Today we said goodbye to the wonderful Mrs Smith, who has completed her teacher training year and will begin her new role as class teacher at another school in September. The impact that Mrs Smith has been able to have on the children has been fantastic and I know that all the class are certainly going to miss her a lot.

Thank you for everything Mrs Smith!

Mr Markham