401 USA Challenge Update

A fantastic effort by all this week with our @the401challenge USA Challenge! Every class has travelled at least 3K miles since September! Closing in on 5K miles for the month of January! Keep it going everyone! Well done! @401foundation #401VirtualSchoolMission #WJISPESSPA

Read Write Inc. – Wednesday 19th January

To begin the lesson go the the power point slides. Slides 2-12 – read the sounds, slides 14-20 read the green words and finally slides 21-26 read the nonsense words.

Read the sentence below. There are some spelling errors. Can you find them and correct them?

Sheena is just a creep. She gives the baby a big sloppee kis. 

Now do the same with this sentence. This time look for the grammatical errors (capital letters and punctuation).

The baby is greedy and needs Feeding a
lot. i help but it’s very messy.

401 USA Challenge

No change in the @the401challenge USA Challenge rankings this week, Year 5 are still out in front! They’ve passed the 5K mile mark and are currently in Polk City, Iowa. 🇺🇸#401VirtualSchoolMission #WJISPESSPA @401foundation Almost 30K miles travelled so far! Brilliant effort! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️